After watching the movie Seven Samurais from Akira Kurosawa, i decided i had to make a game about samurai duels and oh boy, it was an amazing experience.

This game was an entry for the GameBoy Jam 2016. In this contest, the game designers must create a game that respect some limits of an actual GameBoy device:

  1. The aim of GBJam is to create a GameBoy themed game
  2. All assets must be created during the duration of the Jam
  3. Keep in the original GameBoy screen resolution of 160px x 144px
  4. Use only 4 colors in your game

So, i decided to create a 2 players fighting game, with one rule: only one strike was necessary to end his opponent, just like a real samurai duel.

After 10 days of really hard work, One Strike was born.

To create One Strike, i used Unity, C# and Photoshop!

One Strike is available for PC, MAC and Linux and you can also play it in your browser.

Download it, clicking here!

After a week of voting, One Strike emerged in the 88th position of 400 entries. A modest result, by at least, it got the 33th position in the Graphics category.

And most important: One Strike got featured in Kotaku!