After creating One Strike for the Game Boy Jam, i received a lot of positive feedbacks about it. Since it got featured on Kotaku, the page from One Strike received over more than 1800 visits (html version) and over 200 downloads for PC, Mac and Linux versions. That and the joy of making the game in the first place, made me decide to create a new game, using the core gameplay of One Strike.

Getting rid of the color and resolution restrictions, this new game is in development and it will be called, One Strike: The Duel.

In One Strike: The Duel will be released for Android and iPhone with ports for PCs and Macs.

In this new game, the player will be able to choose between 4 completely original characters, each one with a battle style and preferred weapon.

Also, you’ll be able to play online with friends or locally, in a split screen.

The game is coming out smoothly. Check the new updates: